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Anita says.....
"I will take what's mine with fire and blood!"
- Daenerys Targaryen  (Game of Thrones)

Entering year 18!

And we are still here - bringing you the wonderful and often tumultuous world of Indian dance, into your lives!
Thank you all for the immense faith and continued support.
We are honoured to have your trust, admiration and engagement.
You share your work, your travails and often your personal histories.
We started off as a dance directory in 1993, published a second edition phone book in 1997 and went online in APRIL 14, 2000.

We continue... We believe... We persist and YOU SUPPORT!

Here is an official THANK YOU and STANDING CYBER OVATION to the indefatigable
Lalitha Venkat and Sumathi - my two pillars for all these years.

And now, Raksha Patel and Akhila/Aalaap who are part of our team and our dreams.

Aaaaaaaaand...Here I go...

Sanjali’s tribute on Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra’s 13th death anniversary

Nritya Sanrachna: A festival of choreographic works

Revisiting Ratan Thiyam’s Urubhangam

Rachana Yadav’s Trishanku and Rama’s tribute to her mother

Effects of chronic stress on performance
- Ishika Sachdev

Health Recipes 12: Bergedel Jagung
- Uma Pushpanathan

To Mother, with love
- Srinidhi Chidambaram

In a different tone: Amorous Delight presents a challenging theatre of love

Impresario India gamely carries on

Contemporary dance expressions beckon

Fusion or Confusion?

Kala Prachara

A limitless lustre of love

Moods, Movements and Melodies

Magical, Mystical, Monumental

Birthday wishes
M.K. Saroja (BN guru): April 7
Parvathy Ravi Ghantasala: Apr 7
V.P. Dhananjayan (BN guru): April 17
Ambika Panicker (Odissi): April 20
Elakshiben Thakore (BN): April 21
Uma Dogra (Kathak): April 23
A. Janardhanan (Kathakali): April 25
Aruna Mohanty (Odissi): April 25
Sonal Mansingh (Odissi): April 30
Milap Festival Trust, its Board and Staff Team, have chosen and Dr. Anita Ratnam as its Founder Director, for the first International Arts Award VISHWA KALA RATNA established by the Trust for the year 2017.

The award celebrates and acknowledges the sterling contribution made by dynamic, well established individuals  /organizations towards promoting and strengthening Indian Arts globally.

Milapfest will confer the award in England at the Awards Ceremony later in the year. ...Read more

Ramli Ibrahim & Sutra Dance Theatre presented 'Amorous Delight'
At Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, on April 6, 2017
Photos: Avinash Pasricha

Expressions: International Contemporary Dance Festival
Shriram Centre, Delhi, March 27-29, 2017
Photos: Avinash Pasricha

Enchanted Tree - art installation designed by Sandhya Raman
15th -18th March 2017
India International Centre, New Delhi

With thousands of dancers clamouring to make their presence felt, the tendency is to opt for the most sensationalistic formulae - higher jumps, longer leaps, more dramatic stretches. But this is often, sadly, at the cost of the nuances, grace and subtexts so intrinsic to the form.
- Alarmel Valli
(‘Poised for the next step’ by Radhika Santhanam, The Hindu Friday Review, Jan 8, 2016)

Narthaki certainly is perhaps the only publication online that connects artists and connoisseurs globally!
- Hema Rajagopalan (Chicago)

Chennai 'Sea-sun'
Cartoon by Veena Basavarajaiah
This is for the Chennai dwellers who celebrate Margazhi / December season with fervor.  It would be wonderful if artists performed in alternate spaces like sea shores, river banks, parks and other spaces that are closer to nature.
Then the celebratory season will last through the year with sea and sun.
This cartoon is dedicated to those artists who are following this trend and making a difference.

On watching Malavika Sarukkai's Vamatara: To the Light
- Vikram Iyengar
Rasa theory facilitates holistic approach to school education
- Chandra Anand

King Shivaji II, the last king of Thanjavur
- Prince Pratap Sinha Raje Bhosle

Dr. S. Vasudevan: Dance and music are like body and soul
- Shveta Arora

Shastriya Natya Mahotsav
- Ramdas V Pawar

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